Programmes and documentaries

Here are highlights of short- and long-form documentaries I have worked on:

Kuwait: Class of 1990 (Al Jazeera English)
Presenter/Producer: Nashwa Gowanlock
Camera: Jamil Bassil
Video Editor: Tuki Laumea
On August 2, 1990, the Iraqi army invaded the emirate of Kuwait, which Saddam Hussein, the then Iraqi president, had declared Iraq’s 19th province. The occupation of Kuwait may have only lasted seven months, but the memory of it remains strong, not least in the minds of the children of that conflict. At the end of the school year of 1990, students in an international school in Kuwait said their final farewells as they headed off for the summer holidays. Many of them would never meet again.

Syrian refugee family welcomed by Ireland’s first community sponsors (UNHCR)

Producer: Nashwa Gowanlock
Camer-Editor: Alexandre St-Denis

As Ireland launches its community sponsorship programme for refugees, the first group of community sponsors and the Syrian family they have accommodated share their experiences of the initiative.

Twins hope to revive film industry in Gaza (Storyhunter)
Producer: Nashwa Gowanlock
Camera: Yahya Hassouna

In Gaza, the film industry is non-existent. But that hasn’t stopped identical twin Palestinians Ahmed and Mohamed Abu Nasser, nicknamed Arab and Tarzan, from pursuing their dream to create a feature-length film.

The Death of Fear (Al Jazeera English)
Director: Damian Clarke
Assistant Producer: Nashwa Gowanlock
Camera: David Niblock
Video Editor: Adrian Billing

In an exclusive documentary Rageh Omaar traces the roots and repercussions of the uprising in Tunisia – a revolution which ended half a century of autocratic rule and inspired a wave of public protest that swept across the Arab world

Inside Story Cairo Special: Ramadan in Egypt (Al Jazeera English)

Producer: Nashwa Gowanlock
Local producer/fixer: Mohamed Kheir
D.O.P: Mustafa Abdullah

Inside Story looks at social solidarity among Egypt’s citizen after the month of Ramadan.